A possible contribution

Dear Avogadro Developers,
I am considering the possibility of getting a bit involved in the development
of Avogadro. I am a heavy user of DALTON, I started programming in it during
my postdoc, and I would really like to see more features in the DALTON plugin
in Avogadro. Moreover, I had some students asking if they could program
something as a part of their bachelor’s or master’s projects and I was
thinking if developing e.g. the DALTON plugin would be a good idea. What do
you think?
All the best,

PS. I myself prefer working in Python (or Fortran) but I guess most of the
student now C/C++.

Janusz Cukras, PhD

Department of Chemistry, room 416F
University of Warsaw
Pasteura 1
02-089 Warsaw

tel. +48 22 822 0211, ext. 294
e-mail: jcukras@chem.uw.edu.pl / jcukras@units.it
xmpp: cukras@jabberpl.org
skype: janusz.cukras